A TNR based clan, focused on helping each other become the best Shinobi we can be!
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 Joining/Rules/Who Are We?

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PostSubject: Joining/Rules/Who Are We?   Thu Sep 25, 2008 1:38 pm

Thank you for your interest in joining Alpha Omega. We are a TNR (the ninja-rpg) based clan focused on helping each other become the best shinobi you can be! I, and the other creators of this forum have some simple rules that must be followed to ensure your (as well as our) membership to Alpha Omega. So I Highly suggest reading them




To register, simply go to the 'log in' part of this forum, and a 'register' link should be just below the 'log in' button, but read the rules first!


1)CHOOSING A USERNAME: please, use your TNR name. Its just easier to find you.

2) First and foremost, follow all rules passed by this forum site. I don't wanna get booted out of it for the simple fact that someone put racial slurs or porn on our forum. so just be careful with content, and everything will be fine.

3)be cool with each other. i don't wanna see in every forum people trash talking each other. if you want, i can make a designated forum for that. settle things in the game, you got a personal problem? go spar or something.

4)no excessive swearing. I'll accept swearing, but no one has to drop the "F" bomb every two frigging words, ok? its just annoying.

5)help each other out. this is what this clan is ALL about. Someones a little short on ryo and your like a bazillionare? throw some yo their way. A little charity goes a long way, especially in the eyes of Admins.

6)NO BEGGING FOR STUFF EXCESSIVELY ! although we help eachother out, dont expect any charity. no post saying like 'dude can i get 500k?' in like 10 topics. if i find any like this, i will find you somewhere, and roundhouse kick you in the face.
or just ban you, that sounds good too.

7)respect your moderators! bottom line, im not here to make anyones life a living hell, if your upset or need to ask a question or are just mad at any mod in general, send me a private message, I'll try to work things out.

8)THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE!-have fun! there's no point in belonging to something and not having fun with it. and believe it or not, i actually wanna hear what you have to say. so make recommendations, ask questions, and be active.
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Joining/Rules/Who Are We?
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